Editorial : December 2015, Issue XI


From the pen of Alok Mishra

One can never deny the importance of Shakespeare in literature. However, people often debate and expel their opinion about the relevance of Shakespeare in the modern world. Worth a subject to debate! We must analyse the value of Shakespeare’s writing in the modern society. Before I start putting my words to frame my very first sentence, I am sure you will raise your hands and say – ‘yes, I have something to say!’ This is my very purpose; people should engage in discussions like this.

I would love to start writing my views about Shakespeare’s relevance by saying that ‘no Shakespeare, and there is no revival of English drama’! You have to admit it; the way you like. Let us start. Do you remember Othello? If you remember Othello, you must remember the role that doubt and misconceptions play in the married life. Eventually, if you remember the both – there is no need to say more about Shakespeare and the present scenario. He was an all-rounder!

My purpose of addressing Shakespeare in the current editorial is to demolish the argument that some scholars often offer. Some people say that there is nothing more to explore in Shakespeare. He has been overused by the research scholars. Do you agree with their argument? At least, I do not! The research itself says re search; how can the canvas dry?

Shakespeare is my all-time favourite dramatist, and will always be. I would love to encourage enthusiasts to create more and more papers on Shakespeare. You can explore Shakespeare from any possible peephole; this the beauty of his craftsmanship.

At last, I would like to draw your attention to the new feature that we have introduced to Ashvamegh. Understanding the problem of English Literature students, we are starting a dedicated section for literature notes. This section will be updated regularly with new notes from various sectors of English Literature. I hope to get your support now, then and always!



Alok Mishra

Alok Mishra’s Blog

December 14, (2015)

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