Ashvamegh : Issue XI : December 2015 : Articles and Essays

Welcome to the research articles section of December 2015 issue. Please scroll down for the titles of the articles published in Issue XI of Ashvamegh Journal. We select the best pieces that serve our needs and are also beneficial for literature students and literary enthusiasts. In addition, we have also published two original research papers this month, by Srabani Sinha. We have included an essay on gender issue by Pallavi Banerjee. You can find the detail of other authors and their papers below.

Name of the Authors ******** Title of the Papers

Abha Tripathi:                            Quintessence of Indianness and Colloquialism in the Selected Poems of Nissim Ezekiel

Pallavi Banerjee:                        A Study of Gender Equality in the Indian society

M Sreelatha:                               Indian Sensibility in Jhumpa Lahiri’s Story Collection Interpreter of Maladies

Kousik Adhikari:                        The Poetry of Faiz Ahmad Faiz: A Critical Study

Joe Antony Vimal:                     Good Angel in Macbeth

Royichan Antony:                      A Short Historical Survey of the Jewish American Predicament