Jestus on Rampage Book Review

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Book Name: Jestus on Rampage
Author: V. S. Sury
Publisher: Quintus (an imprint of Roman Books)
Pages: 266
Reviewed by: Alok Mishra
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“… But our man is the impossible professor.”

When you read this line in the backside blurb of the book, I am not sure what would catch your mind – a great sense of laughter or that irresistible curiosity to read the book. In my case, undoubtedly, it was the curiosity to read the book very quickly. I wanted to know what does this impossible professor do in this book to be marked as an ‘impossible’ one.

Jestus on Rampage

‘Jestus on Rampage’ the book by a very sensible and veteran author V. S. Sury certainly becomes a manifold. It will provide the readers what they want to get from it. For example, if one reads Jestus on Rampage with a motive of laughter, IT HAS IN PLENTY, and you mark my words! From the page number one when Mr. (oh! Rather professor) Bagdenborg arrives at the campus NG university on his horse’s back, you will be encountering a number of hilarious scenes to leave you on the floor! I will give a great example of that. On page number 145, you see this ‘impossible’ professor arguing with someone:

‘Good morning, Mr Jestus.’

‘Call me, ‘Bagus’. Good morning to you.’

‘But your name is Jestus, no?’

‘It was, yesterday. Today it is, Bagus.’

‘Okay, your pleasure. I’ve nothing to lose.’

Such is our Jestus, with so many names as Lord Krishna! This character created by Mr V. S. Sury has plenty to offer to this human society. Not to spoil the humorous reading of the book, but for those who wish to find an ‘intellectual satire’ in the book, will surely find it there. Jestus, who has come out of a computer screen and gets back there in the end (will you believe it? But it is the truth!), seems to be mocking the insane and unknown human race time to time. When you will see Bagtherford (another name for Jestus, the protagonist) opposing the views of ‘hardcore science’ and replacing them with his imagination, not to be surprised if you remember the Robin Williams (aka O captain, O captain) of the Dead Poets’ Society. You might laugh, but the book will tell you (in the mouth of Jestus) about the existence of white holes!

Concluding remarks about Jestus on Rampage are very simple. You need to read the book to exactly know what you can extract from the book – is it a series of laughter or laughter with a little mockery. To make things easier for you, I have talked with the author V. S. Sury. He has unfolded many things about his book Jestus on Rampage in the interview.

Personally, amid the flood of ‘desi novels,’ It was so many days after I got my hands on this piece which offers you something rather ‘new’. There is no typical love story; there is no typical rise & fall of the protagonist; there is no typical set-up! My advice – please go and have a read of the adventures of Jestus! You will enjoy it TOO MUCH!

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