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Book Review Details: Pandora’s Box


Book Name: Pandora’s Box

Author: Tushar Sen

Reviewed by: Alok Mishra

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing

Pandora's Box Tushar Sen

I haven’t been through so many of the short story writers; yes, I have read some of likes of Thomas Hardy and Conrad. The fact is that I rather like waiting for the things to happen than feeling like ‘bereaved’ with things moving ‘abrupt’. I do know I am wrong, at times! This book that I have received from Tushar Sen, entitled Pandora’s Box, did not disappoint me! Absolutely, none can match the mastery of those classics, but in the terms of modern craftsmanship, you have to give Tushar his due…

Pandora’s Box comprises of twenty-one short stories – all never alike. You will not find a ‘certainty’ among the stories that is the case with most of the short-fiction authors. Each story breaks new story to you; each new beginning celebrates the end of the ‘previous’ and this is the beauty of the book. You can jump with the titles which seem lucrative to you for the book has that charm. The Devil’s Workshop; The Satanic Provocations; Philosopher’s Stone are some titles that will certainly invoke the readership.

Though all the stories have their merits and demerits, some of them have posed seriously to my thinking. For instance, the story Unnoticed, which bears the title to almost go ‘unnoticed’ is an unmissable one. I have felt great pathos there! The story of an ambitious and brave sportsperson – Shazahn. The description of her father watching her sports from above will thrill your conscience! Other ones will have different types of feelings for you in this Pandora’s Box. Some will make you laugh as well (but seriously? Once you go through the ‘laughter,’ you will see the chasm of ‘sea’). Do read the stories Laughing Gas, Pandora’s Box and Free Fall when you buy this book by Tushar.

Critically, the debutant has done his best to bring his emotions to the words. He has transformed his ideas into quality narratives which will not make you feel low. As he has been a worker, describing himself as ‘banker(s) turning into writer(s),’ you might see, at some instances, his experience guides him. His stories try to encompass different issues – from terrorism to love, inviting all kinds of ‘emotional’ purgation. What more you can expect from a debutant? Let’s settle with this good one from Tushar and enjoy the rains with this Pandora’s Box! Have a good read!


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