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Some Words of Appreciation for Ashvamegh

Major Update Coming Soon!

We will upgrade our design and terms very soon! The June issue will come out on 15th as usual.  

"It requires great discipline to achieve even small goals in life– to bring out a literary journal like Ashvamegh regularly is not a small achievement. I compliment Ashvamegh’s editor-in-chief Alok Mishra for the excellent work he is doing to keep literary culture alive."
Abhay K Interview with Alok Mishra

Abhay K

Popular Poet-Diplomat and Composer of The SAARC Anthem
"With an impressive panel of board members and editors, and offering an elegant mix of mainstream and eclectic writing, The Ashvamegh Journal is a breath of fresh air and a welcome addition indeed to the international literary arts scene."
Candice James

Candice James

Poet Laureate of New Westminster, BC

In barely a year since its inception, Ashvamegh, which stands for the flying horse Pegasus, is rapidly achieving its goal of spreading “literature and literary studies . . . just like that flying horse.” As its masthead indicates, literature is freedom: intellectual, emotional, spiritual freedom. And wherever literature is allowed to roam free, evolution follows.

Alan Britt Towson University Poet

Alan Britt

Poet & Faculty at Towson University
"Alok, and team. I am very impressed with your magazine. It is polished, professional and displays a user friendly format. I had no idea it was a recent adventure. Here in the states, most commercial magazines have become overly formatted and even go so far as to stress format over content."
Don Crawford Ashvamegh

Don Crawford

Clinical Social Worker


Welcome to the Proud Online Indian Journal of Creative and Academic Writing

IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: We have also added a new feature, helpful for English Literature students, to our journal. That is 'English Literature Notes and Articles'. Click on the link to read useful articles on various topics of literature.

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Dear visitor, greetings! We welcome the reader and writer in you!

If you have come here seeking a place that lets you have your say, you arrived the right place. We know the worth of literature; writing and the writers; that is why we have created this online international journal to promote and share the best to the world! We know there are other journals of English Literature in India. Yes, we are inspired by those! Literature is the essence of our life. It teaches us; it softens us; it hardens us; it motivates us; it makes us what we are! It would surprise us to know if there is any popular person in the world who denies the role of a good book behind the success achieved in his or her life.

This online monthly journal, Ashvamegh, is the result of a determination to unite the writers and readers around the world. We want to give you a platform to share your ideas with the world. There may be the distance between India and America, but literature knows no boundary or distances. When we say that we are the international journal, we mean it too! We are proud to have the most vivid international panel of Editors. Not only from India, we have editors and other board members from all major countries of the world. The fragrance of literature permeates in all directions. Let the world unite in the name of literature. Let the Orient know Occident; let the Occident know Orient!

Literature is all about ideas… however, ideas can be expressed in many ways – poetry, stories, essays or articles. We have room for all! Whatever you write, you are always welcome here. We look for the best, and the best has no certain connotations! It can be in prose or verse.

Moreover, we also publish Research Papers. Ashvamegh is now serving as one of its kind academic journal of English Literature. We know it is difficult to get your research paper published these days. Students have to pay a good amount for publishing. We do not charge a single penny! We publish them for free. Students need not worry now. You just need to prepare the material as directed in submission page and send it to us. The rest, we will take care.

Looking for Book Promotions in India?

Another feature that our journal offers you is 'Book-Reviews'. Our program is for reviewers as well as authors. Authors can send their copy and our editors will review them as soon as possible. Reviewers have a great platform here to display their awareness to the world. Reviewers can send their book reviews to us and we will publish it. If authors are worried about the charges of book reviews (reading fees), they must not! The book review system is free! If you want to know about our professional BOOK REVIEWS & AUTHOR PROMOTION programs, click here: Author Promotions & Book Reviews

Read Recent Book Reviews


After consideration, we have added a new feature to our journal - "Author/Poet Interview". We interview poets and authors randomly. Our board members talk to the established poets/authors as well as with those who are emerging. If you also want to discuss literature, poetry, creative writing or anything related, please use our 'contact us' section. Please send your profile along with the interview opportunity. Our board members will contact you as soon as possible.

We are open to every kind of submissions round the year. Our issues come out monthly. You can send to us on any date, any month and any hour. Hope to see you soon in our coming editions.

In addition, we have a page titled 'Letters to us'. You can post on that page about the issues published, suggestions to improve, or any other thing that you want.

Happy Reading. Happy Writing.

The Ashvamegh Team

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