Ashvamegh | Issue XII | January 2016

From the pen of Alok Mishra:

We have completed one year as an online literary magazine; this is our 12th issue! This one sentence, though complex or combined (you are free to choose), has given me immense pleasure as I have written it. When we started, some people personally told me that this effort would go unnoticed and eventually in vain. Others tried to persuade me to make the journal a ‘twice a year’ venture; so many other suggestions knocked my way. I took all them and yes, I had thought about all of those suggestions. However, do you, as a reader or writer, think that the place that world is offering today to the creative writers to display their creativity is adequate? At least to me, the answer was, is and will be – no! I continued Ashvamegh as a monthly journal and thanks to our contributors, readers and general viewers who kept the flame ablaze. Today, we have successfully published 12 complete issues of Ashvamegh and thrive for more.

I recently came across a very motivational message of John Cena, a professional wrestler. “A long road becomes shorter with every step. #nevergiveup #HLR.” And he is right; the more steps you advance, the shorter your destination is from you! I have come across a variety of writers and authors throughout this one year journey. Through the interviews, I had the fortunate opportunity to know more about writing and the flux of creativity. In this issue, you will get to read interviews with Sydney Lea (the poet laureate of Vermont), Larry Woiwode (poet laureate of North Dakota) and Apryl Baker (the New York Times bestseller author).

I congratulate all the authors and poets selected for the XIIth issue. Not only XIIth issue, also a remarkable issue of Ashvamegh! I hope for your support and love in the future as well. Keep the literary flight always at height!

Happy New Year to all of you!


Alok Mishra

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January 15, (2016)

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Interview with Apryl Baker

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