Read an article in New York Times about Indian English literature. Though the article is old enough (2015), it still echoes the sentiments of ardent Indian fiction readers. Serious readers, rather than the usual and suspected braggadocio, rather like to point out where do we lack and need to improve and that article did the same thing. Indian English Literature, in the decade currently passing and the one before it, has shrunk itself to the limited themes and to the limited style – it seldom produced something worthy and when it did, we Indians had the moments of literary satisfaction. There are the authors who produce worthy pieces of literature with qualities a fiction MUST have and fortunately enough, they did not quit writing! Recently, I came across an author of the same repute and a very deep understanding of the craft of fiction. Anita Krishan, who has also been a professor of literature, has written many novels and her recent work is Despite Stolen Dreams which was published in mid-2017. The way she has dealt the theme of terrorism in her book and the manner in which she has juxtaposed the violence and senseless murders with love and affection is certainly something to be praised. After many years (I am not being bombastic) of jargons in fiction, I have read something which meets the standards of a true literary fiction and something which contributes something worthy to the Indian English Literature – a complete novel! My heartfelt congratulations to Anita Krishan on her wonderful latest novel and I wish her success. You can read this book by getting your copies from Amazon India on this link – Anita’s Despite Stolen Dreams on Amazon. You can explore more about Anita Krishan on her official website: Anita Krishan.

This is the final Ashvamegh issue for Volume III and we will now move into our fourth year! It feels tremendous; it feels wonderful; it feels amazing and the adjectives will continue coming if I don’t stop myself! I thank all our contributors, members, readers and well-wishers of literature! It has been a fantastic journey all the way and we can still see the road ahead… I congratulate all the contributors whose works have been a part of this final issue for the year 2017.

Without taking more of your valuable time now, I wish you all a very happy new year in advance. Let’s make the coming 2018 as the year of more literary adventures and more peace and much and much of humanistic harmony… wish you all the best! Happy Reading!

With love always,

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