Poetry is certainly immense! I am not sure whether the words by Matthew Arnold will come true or not that poetry will replace religion; nevertheless, I am certainly sure that as long as religion remains, there will be poetry! My special inclination towards poetry does not, in any possible way, takes away the share of my interest in novels and non-fiction. Nonetheless, it’s certainly a fact that I prefer reading poetry over all other genres of the written art. Fortunately, I had (once again) the opportunity to get my queries and questions answered by my mentor and noted US poet and scholar, Alan Britt. His thoughts on poetry are always encouraging and enthusiastic. You can find that conversation below in the interviews section of the current issue. I would also like to thank Dr. Shrikant Singh, the Head of Department (English), Nava Nalanda Mahavihara for his valuable contribution of a critical paper on the fiction of Mulk Raj Anand.

Friends and readers, I am mostly enthusiastic about finding our new talents in poetry and offering their art to the readers of Ashvamegh worldwide. For the September issue, I have found a very special poet and you will see that speciality in her art when you read her poems. I am sure the readers will share their valuable feedbacks on her poems and will guide her further.

As the art knows no boundaries and nothing else except the exchange of ideas, I am also enthusiastic sharing another young poet’s poem with my readers. The poet from Israel has something witty – don’t miss that too!

Keep the ideas coming, friends, and keep the literary journey going. Always:
Miles to go before [we] sleep.


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