Ashvamegh : Issue VIII : September 2015 : ISSN : 2454-4574

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Issue VIII : September 2015 : From the Editor-in-Chief : Alok Mishra

I would like to start my address to the readers and contributors with a thanks; thanks for your support and creative contributions that strengthen us and let us believe that a change is possible! A joint effort with enthusiasm can make anything possible, no doubt.

I would also like to show my gratitude towards Sheri Vandermolen, a fellow poet and photographer. She has submitted her wonderful poems and beautiful photographs that she garnered during her visit to India. We have added them in the current issue.

To Tim Gurung, furthermore, I owe my thanks and appreciation for his time to speak to me about his writings and books. And all the team members who keep working always to make an issue happen, I owe my thanks.

I am so much overwhelmed and overtaken by the power of verse that I would not like to protract my editorial in prose. I will also share my verse this time:

Practical Wisdom

At times,

when winning seems

to cost your life,


than the insane strife,

is to accept the defeat

and fall back.

Hold on, before

your mind reaches

the shore of futility

and announces

the loss eternal.

Falling back and

accepting the defeat

does not take away

your courage to strike back

and once again attack

to snatch the win!


Corporate Musings

3:00 PM, 19 August 2015



Hope your love and best to come our way,

Alok Mishra

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