Ashvamegh: Issue XV: April 2016: ISSN: 2454-4574 ~~ From the Editor-in-Chief: Alok Mishra~~

From the pen of Alok Mishra:


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice.”


When T. S. Eliot announced his wisdom in his great work Four Quarters, he was already the voice of his age. A great poet as well as a great philosopher, he surely understood the mood of the age. However, as all others (the writers writing today) would have done, he did not do anything like that. Eliot was a man of ‘words’ and he marked his words before bringing them on the paper. He did not simply get into the groove. He did not just move with the flux. On the contrary, Eliot tried his best to bring people out of the ‘cocoon’ by showing the futility of war and misconceptions about ‘almost everything’.


So, who is the ‘voice’ of our age? Who are the people writing for a ‘better’ world? Who are the authors who are not simply ‘selling’ their work but actually ‘communicating’ with the masses through their ‘words’? In quest of an answer to this question, I have looked up at different faces and all of them (almost) disappointed me. I saw a kind helplessness on their faces, a sense of ‘defeat’ in their hearts… ‘This is the compulsion of this age’ is their typical reply that I get from them. However, I am not ready to accept it. Cannot we tell the ‘age’ to follow a good path? Look back in the abyss history; the job of authors, poets and men of letters has always been to enlighten the ignorant; they did not use to get ‘artificial light’ from the world to shroud their free thinking!


Most of you must have seen the movie Dead Poets Society. I love the message that the film delivers very effectively:

“Seize the day boys; make your lives extraordinary!”

I have a simple appeal to the upcoming aspirant authors. Write ‘to’ the society; don’t write ‘for’ the society. If the society is making mistakes, don’t exploit those mistakes; you have to correct & mend them.


I have seen some promising talents getting published in the issues of Ashvamegh. I have expectations and hope!

At last, I hope you will enjoy this issue as you have enjoyed all our previous issues in the past. I extend my best wishes to all those who are published in this issue. Keep writing!



Thank you all!

Alok Mishra



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