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What is the best way that you might think of right now if I ask you about teaching the students of English literature? This question was natural to arise because the circumstances that led to this were too much. A week ago or two perhaps, a junior friend, who completed his MA a year after me, came to visit me. His purpose was to discuss which way to go ahead in the future. And I leave no opportunities untaken when it comes to counselling. In the course of the discourse, unfortunately, came the twist that I was not at all expecting! ‘Do you know what theory is?’ I asked my friend and his response was ‘no’. And when I asked if he knew Post-colonialism, he told me that this topic was taught in the class. Now this is highly interesting: here we have the students who don’t know who Shakespeare was but they know that king Lear might be interpreted in various modern ways because their class tells them so. Amazing, isn’t it?

Where is the problem in our education system (not only India, I think the education system needs a revamp in most of the countries, especially, when it comes to the study of subjects as important as literature)? The attempt that we need to make must be from both the sides – the teachers as well as students. Talking about the conditions of the institutions in India, I must admit that we lack that will as well as strategy on both ends. Students are preparing for their examination all the time rather than actually understanding what they are being taught. On the other hand, teachers are merely helping them understanding the ‘pattern of examination’. Nevertheless, I must make it clear that there are the teachers and students who don’t come in the circumference of my discourse. However, unfortunately, most of them do subscribe to the policy which I just presented! And the result I have experienced in the same personal library in which I am writing this right now. We will have to come out of the delusion that literature is lesser than science subjects if we want to improve the scenario. It’s as important as understanding Einstein’s E = MC2

Well, this is the final issue of Ashvamegh for the year 2016 and when I look back, I am enthralled to see that we have come so far from where we have started! On 12th of January 2017, Ashvamegh will be proudly celebrating its second anniversary! It was just impossible without the support that I am getting from across the globe! I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! This is just the beginning of another year for us and we have to go more and more. In the journey of two years, Ashvamegh has inspired many emerging poets, featured many established authors and presented the talks with many renowned literary figures from the world. I am sure we will keep the momentum always! Like the previous time, in the beginning of December, we organized a first of its kind Digital Poets Meet on WhatsApp. We invited poems on friendship: Read Here: http://ashvamegh.net/whatsapp-literature-group/poems-on-friendship-digital-poets-meet-whatsapp/

Another important information that I would like to convey to my readers that Ashvamegh is looking for book bloggers. If you are interested in reading a lot and also doing book reviews, please follow this link: Great Opportunities for Book Bloggers We have so much to offer you!

Best wishes for the coming year! Love,

Alok Mishra



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